Friday, September 21, 2012


Which Wang indeed? I already shared my love of the Ruby Monk Strap Oxfords (pictured second from top), so it's no surprise that they made their way into my closet. But now we need to talk about these other beauties.
Which is your favorite? And which other pair do you think I kept?
Hint: I would've kept them all if I could.
PS. I realize that's no hint at all ; )

All available at Alexander Wang.
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  1. Hi Lady!
    Well, for me, if I could choose, the last one. I love boots, in everyway they are.
    But i think you kept the yellow one. Ok all of them are really nice.
    Have a nice day!
    Big hug from Italy.

  2. My favorite would be the last one. They look really nice. And which one you kept? Hmmm. Tricky one. Just like Micela do I think you kept the yellow one :)

  3. I like the yellow one :) it's sweet and girly. although the black boots (photo #4) are also gorgeous! choosing which one to keep is torture!

  4. Okay, I know nothing about fashion, but I think the last one would look really good on you.

  5. Gotta say the red ones. Casual yet sexy.

  6. Red for me ! :)

    Have a nice Peace Day (September 21st) Marsha !

    Peace <3

  7. I looooove the yellow ones, but the black boots are great as well. So I hope you've kept one of these? Tell us! :)

  8. Hey Marsha Wow There all so Stunning Love them all.
    For me I'll Prefer The boots ☺ I'm a Defiantly Boots Person
    Boots Boots Everywhere i go hahahaha.

    Sending some Love from Australia xox Zafirah Dutczak

  9. Hi guys! Thanks for all your feedback. I ended up keeping the red and black shoes. I loved the yellow ones, but they didn't fit so great. My feet were kind of shoved in them! It's been too hot in LA to wear either pair, so they're standing by for the right moment!

    1. Hey Marsha Thank you For Your Reply We Love your Blog and all the Beautiful Pictures You Post up.
      Love Zafirah Dutczak xx ☺

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  11. I'm really loving the yellow ones!!