Monday, September 24, 2012


Julianne Moore is always a red carpet favorite of mine and last night's Emmy showing was no different. 

I gasped as I saw her walk the red carpet in this amazing Christian Dior Couture gown. 

The color is perfect with her beautiful red hair and the simple Fred Leighton jewels are just the perfect accessory.

How she remained so elegant in the 90 degree heat is beyond me. But Julianne was most definitely a winner on two counts last night. Wow!

The winner of the Maya By Asha giveaway has been notified. Thank you to all those that entered.

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  1. Not easy to wear a yellow dress... Ok she's not ridiculous but it's not the best look she could have. I'm not a big fan of that dress... By the way too bad that White Collar was not there... :(

  2. Wow That's a Stunning Dress
    she's gorgeous She can Pull It Off
    If i did Oh My Life Def Wont hahaha

    Zafirah Dutczak xx

  3. Well, she is amazing and she is really brave! I mean that it's not easy to wear that dress. I like it.

  4. Hey Marsha How are you?
    Just want to say How Beautiful you are and thankyou For the reply On twitter and Your amazing blog Love every Min of it Great Post/Pics.
    somtimes Next year I'll Bve visiting The US Starting from LA,Vegas Then NY Hope to meet The White Collar crew Would Be a Dream.
    I'm hope u will message back thank you Sending some Love from Australia Zafirah xxx

  5. I loved what she said in her acceptance speech about feeling validated since Palin gave her a thumbs down. Love it. Also, seriously wondering when they are going to recognize White Collar.

  6. Marsha, how freaky! I sent this exact photo as a tweet this morning
    The yellow and the red hair is immense, love Julianne!

  7. White Collar was missing from that award show...