Monday, September 10, 2012


My Make Up Bag

I'd be lying if I tried to front and pretend that these are the only items in my make up bag. After x amount of years of being on film and TV sets, I've accumulated quite a kit. Okay, I admit it's actually a little out of control, but that's a story for another time.

For now I thought I'd share my go to staple pieces with you.

BASE - There's a reason they call it Foundation. A good base sets the stage for the whole look, brightens your skin, hiding those annoying blemishes (we all have 'em!) and done properly evens out any inconsistencies.

EYES - I've always believed that you can't go wrong with a black liquid eyeliner. Depending on your mood, you can rock a thick sixties mod look, thin sexy cats eyes or whatever takes your fancy. Then of course, it's all about the mascara. I'm useless with applying false lashes, I always end up looking a little coo coo for Coco Puffs! Instead, I go for a mascara that gives major volume. I apply it sparingly in the daytime and whack it on super thick in the evening.

CHEEKS - I feel like the whole look comes alive with the blusher. You have to be careful not to go too crazy though or the look gets a bit Bozo the Clown. I'm happy to go for a powder or a cream blush and sometimes I like to use the two together to get more of a pop. Don't be embarrassed to give yourself a big cheesy grin in the mirror and hit the apples of your cheeks with color.

                Stila Convertible Color Gladiola

LIPS - There are so many options on the lip front, it can get a bit overwhelming. So I tend to stick with the same brands and colors that I know work for me. I love a vibrant red lipstick, but really only wore it in the evening until recently. I think there's something about being in Manhattan with it's wild energy, that had me step it up a notch and I've been working the red at all hours of the day. Give it a try for an extra pep in your step! For those days when I'm feeling a little more subdued, I'll go for a neutral gloss in a pink or brown tone.

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  1. Makeup Forever HD Foundation is my FAVORITE foundation right now. It's light but provides full coverage! Totally amazing. As for the others, I can't afford them just yet. But I did get a complementary Stila EyeLiner when I won a palette from another blogger and they are amazing! I still haven't found my favorite mascara. Right now I'm using Covergirl - not good. It barely does the job. As for lips, I love the Revlon Lip Butters. It's great for lazy people like me who wants color and shine all at once :)

    1. You sound like a girl who loves her make up too! I'm going to give the Revlon Lip Butters a try, they sound yummy!

    2. I love makeup, books, and White Collar. What can I say, I have good tastes haha!

  2. I love MUFE HD Foundation. I will need to try that Stila eyeliner now that they are back in the UK :)

    1. I think you'll like it too. It goes on really smoothly.

  3. Oooo Loving all The Makeup
    And Yes I know what Your talking about I pretty much carry every single makeup in my bag hahahaha its a habbit you never know what you need.

    Sending some Love from Australia Zafirah xx

  4. Jesus! I've been obsessed with Red Lizard lipstick since few weeks ago, I seriously love it :D
    Chanel's blush looks beautiful! :)

    PS. So excited about today's White Collar episode! It gets better and better!

  5. Stila seems to be a brand you like a lot! :) I haven't seen it in shops around here, maybe I should get a closer look.

    I'm very picky when it comes to eyeliner (and I agree you can never go wrong with black!) cause I'm allergic to metal and have to avoid anything with lead for instance.

    YSL Shocking mascara is the best! Love it! Gives such nice volume!

    As for vibrant red lipstick, I've never dared myself but I usually find it so pretty on others. ;) Gives an impression of energy, charm and self-confidence. :)

    Wishing you a lovely day! :)

  6. Oh dear I have to go and buy another mascara now don't I...yup...I have like 15! I just threw out some cuz it was getting out of hand;) do u know how long u can keep them?
    And can't wait for white collar tonight! looks like an awesome episode and I saw them filming part of it!!!

  7. hi Marsha,I'm sure you love your make up,and I want to say I see such a natural beauty in youi guess its a woman thing the woman I love is so gorgeous without it ,but she feels the need to still apply make I'm just stuck without wearing any at all!lol.

  8. Wish I could say I love the NARS Red Lizzard lipstick - I do LOVE the color and intensity but it was so drying I kept licking my lips which made it cake up. Returned it to Sephora and got a similar color by "Bite" and one from Yves Saint Laurent.