Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Clockwise From Top Left:
Karen Walker, Stella McCartney

I think I may have mentioned that I have quite the collection of sunnies. But that never stops me needing (read: wanting) every fabulous new pair I see! Yes, I know-it's a problem, though I hear the first step is just admitting it right?! ; )

I had a lot of fun flirting with all of these awesome shades and ultimately decided on the tortoise shell Karen Walker's (seen below, bottom right). Oh and also a dope pair of blue prescription specs from Super Glasses.

Incidentally, the lipstick I'm wearing is a Chanel, Rouge Noir circa 1995 (or there abouts). I'm loving that dark lipsticks are on trend this season, I'm totally into it!

Clockwise From Top Left:
Matthew Williamson, Linda Farrow (similar here),

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  1. You're right, sister!
    You can it and then do, do, do it!!!
    I've just finished to watch White Collar.
    Do you remember what I said about the urge to hug Neal tight? Well right now i need to hug him so tight untill to broked his breath.
    You all have made a really good job. You're so gorgeous, but my heart is for Neal.
    Thanks for made it real. Thanks for all. Would you say it also to Matt and Tim? Please.

  2. Hey Marsha Looking Gorgeous as Always ☺
    I Love all The Hot sunglasses I'm a Sunglasses Freak i Have Loads
    and Some are still in Tags But i can't help it i keep Buying more hehehe.

    Zafirah dutczak Australia xx

  3. Love the Stella McCartney sunnies Marsha. You look gorgeous!

  4. I would be obsessed too if I could, but as it turned out, I don't have the nose bridge to hold them and I need prescription glasses all the time.

  5. We all have our addictions, my lady, but this is on the more favorable side. Even more stunning than the shades are your facial expressions. Classic!

  6. Well, i should apologize for my English. And i do it.
    But i hope that you can understand what i mean.

  7. I'd have a hard job choosing from that lot. The tortoiseshell are gorgeous though. I have been on an eternal hunt for the perfect gold aviators ... currently eyeing up some Marc Jacobs and Ray Ban ones

  8. Oh, don't worry about the collection! After all, the best way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it, as Mr Wilde said. ;)

    Love from Europe!