Wednesday, November 7, 2012


How amazing are these Salt Art Installations by Japanese artist, Motoi Yamamoto? Using only a plastic bottle and tons of Morton's table salt, the artist has created these incredible webs, mazes and stairs.

Yamamoto first began creating these intricate salt sculptures after his sister passed away. In Japanese culture, salt is associated with funeral rituals and the installations were a way for the artist to honor his sibling.

I'm so excited that this "Return to the Sea" exhibit is being displayed in Los Angeles, at Laband Art Gallery at Loyola Marymount University until Dec 8. I encourage Angeleno's to go check it out.


  1. Wow ! It's wonderful ! And it's a japanese artist of course ! ;)

  2. It's amazing! How? A lot amazing. I like this form of art. I know someone who does it with sugar. I saw it in "art attack" because my children love it. Well it's not the same, but the idea is similar

  3. Oh wow! That is really amazing! I salute the artistry and patience of the artist!

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    Love you Marsha!

  4. oh, i'm in a art school and i never heard about this!
    it's really beautiful!