Monday, October 29, 2012


My Sunday night viewing is a little out of control right now and I love it! Thank goodness for my DVR.

Homeland is back on Showtime and blowing my mind every week - those cliffhangers! On Boardwalk Empire, Bobby Cannavale's Gyp Rosetti is one of the single most terrifying characters on television, I hold my breath whenever he comes on screen.

Speaking of terrifying, Dexter has come back strong and The Walking Dead is killing it (pun intended!) 
ABC's Revenge is a Machiavellian delight, I love how everybody's expression changes as soon as the person they're speaking to leaves the room, all the characters are up to something. 

Treme has one of the best casts on television and gives a voice to the people of New Orleans in the aftermath of the horrors of Hurricane Katrina and I'm loving seeing my friend Marc Warren on the Good Wife, as Kalinda's warped husband (now there's a bizarre relationship). 

That's seven, count 'em, SEVEN shows in ONE night! I think I may need an intervention...


  1. A great line-up of shows, have to admit in being a TV addict! But with so many wonderfully produced shows, it's hard not to be!

  2. Really can't wait to start Homeland

  3. I love everything on Dexter and Homeland, we become so tense watching them ^^
    And revenge is such a drama! I love it, the history look like a lot a brazilian soap opera that was a huge sucess that endded 2 weeks ago, named "Avenida Brasil"! ^^ because they are all about revenge and "great" villains like the grayssons and not so good girls as Emily Thorne ahaha...

    the waiting for the new eipsodes of white collar is killing me >.<

    Kisses Marsha!
    We are TV Series addicted!! :D

  4. I love Homeland ! Just finished to watch the 1st season on french TV. Can't wait to see the season 2 ! Dexter is sooo great ! I'm waiting the season 7 after an unbelievable cliffhanger at the end of season 6... Walking Dead season 1 is gonna air on french TV next Friday ! :)