Thursday, August 30, 2012


If you're not already tuned in to Frank Ocean's debut album, Channel Orange then I implore you to remedy that immediately. My friend (and the lead of our show, White Collar) Matt Bomer asked me everyday for about 2 weeks if I'd bought it yet.

Eventually I did and it's been my go to pretty much everyday since, (thank you Matt!) Which is saying a lot, cos I'm an NPR and podcast junkie and hard pushed to listen to anything else!

A fuse of R&B, Funk and Soul, every track is a winner. Though my stand outs are Pyramids, Thinkin' Bout You, Super Rich Kids and Sweet Life.

You can listen to a sample of the tracks here before you buy.

Seriously, go get it.


  1. Gotta thank Mr. Bomer on pushing you...great album indeed my favorite is Pyramids, completely hypnotized by that track!

  2. plz take photo from your feet

  3. Well, if it's good enough for you and Mr. Bomer himself, then i'm definitly going to give it a listen! :)

    Cathrine (Denmark)

  4. at the end i'm not the only one...
    I'm imagine Matt that every day comes to you and tell you to buy it. How you could resist for two weeks? If he comes to me with his blue eyes and tell me to buy something... well... i run to buy it.

  5. My lady, I just listen a sample of the tracks. It's good.
    Well, I am a bad listener of music, infact i'm a little bit monomaniac... i listen only Freddie Mercury, 'cause i'm in love with him. Completely.
    But maybe i can open a little my horizon and sometimes i could listen something else.
    And if you and Matt say it's good, well i believe it!

    Have a good day!
    Big hug from italy for you and Matt. XD

  6. YES! I have my Frank Ocean on repeat!!! HAWT!

  7. I learned about him when I heard his demo for a BackstreetBoys song.I'm a huge BSB fan but I had to admit that I liked Frank Ocean's version better.Have you heard that song, "PDA", already?It's cool.Anyway,Pyramids is also my favorite track off Channel Orange.So happy to know that Matt Bomer and now you like his music too. <3